Webly Ankle Support, High Performance Ankle Brace

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Product Overview

Webly Zap Ankle Brace – Support for your ankle and helps to prevent or reduce the severity of your ankle sprain, ankle strain or ankle swelling. Available in 4 sizes.  The Webly Zap™ replicates ankle taping and is a highly effective ankle brace for sports, rehabilitation and competitive athletics. Countless players, practitioners and patients in the USA over the last 20 years have trusted the Webly lacing sports ankle brace to assist in ankle sprain prevention and protection. Recommended for use with ankle sprains, strains, mild to moderate ankle swelling or to provide support and protection against ankle injuries during sports or training. Made from high quality and breathable materials including the NOSWET spacer fabric provides an airy, comfortable and protective ankle brace that is made to last. Available in 4 sizes – Extra small / small / medium / Large.


  • Ankle strains or ankle sprains prevention and protection.
  • Mild to moderate ankle swelling / oedema.
  • Provide ankle stability.
  • To provide compression of foot and ankle.


Fitting for the Webly Zap Ankle Brace is by shoe size, use our guide below to select the appropriate size required:

MEN’S- Extra Small – 6.5 – 8 | Small – 8.5 – 10 | Medium – 10.5 – 12 | Large – 12.5+

WOMEN’S - Extra Small – 3 – 5.5 | Small – 6 – 7.5 | Medium – 8 – 9.5 | Large – 10+


(No reviews yet) Write a Review