Shoulder Immobilizer

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Product Overview

A high quality and effective shoulder immobilizer with shoulder straps for increased comfort and support. Recommended to use to provide shoulder immobilization following shoulder surgery or injury allowing the scapulohumeral joint to rest and recover.

Made from high quality and breathable material to provide a high level of support and comfort whilst worn.  Our shoulder immobiliser features shoulder straps that are crossed at the back to increase the level of comfort while worn and increases the level of shoulder support provided aiding the healing process. Designed with a swathe to provide further immobilization and optimal shoulder support. Grey in colour with a pale blue trim. Available in 2 sizes – Small / Medium and Large / Extra Large.

Recommendations / Indications for Use:

  • Support following shoulder surgery.
  • Shoulder Immobilisation
  • Shoulder Injury
  • Forearm Support
  • Stabilisation and immobilization of the scapulohumeral joint.


  • Recommended for use when shoulder and or arm immobilisation and support is required following a shoulder dislocation, shoulder injury and / or forearm support is needed.
  • 100% Latex free – Made from a lightweight, soft, breathable and comfortable padded material for optimum arm and shoulder support.
  • Features wide swathe for maximum support and to ensure adequate shoulder immobilization. The swathe can be fitted, adjusted and removed easily to apply the right amount of tension required.
  • Grey colour with a blue trim and is available in 2 sizes – Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. Please see our measurement guide for further information on sizing.

 How to Measure & Sizing Guide:

To find the correct size required please measure the length of your forearm – measure from the elbow to your palm and choose from the sizes below:

 Small / Medium – 28 – 41cm

Large / Extra Large – 40 - 55 cm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review