Genu Dynastab Ligament Knee Brace with Hinges

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Product Overview

The Genu Dynastab ligament knee support is a high quality, high performance knee brace with bi-axial hinged reinforcements. This superior quality knee brace is recommended following a knee ligament injury or after knee surgery when you need knee support to returning to every day or sporting activities.   This knee brace can also be used preventatively as it helps increase proprioception when out walking or playing sports and can help to prevent knee injuries. Made from high quality materials that are made to last and be comfortable when worn, it has a comfortable lining to the inside for extra comfort and breathability. The hinges can also be removed as part of a rehabilitation programme, so when you are ready they can be taken out for less rigidity and support as and when you need it. The Genu Dynastab knee brace also has silicone patellar insert which sits around the patella for additional knee support, silicone coated threads at the tope of the knee brace helps to ensure the knee brace is fitted in the correct position on the leg. The Genu Dynastab knee brace is available in 6 sizes and fits knee circumferences from 32 to 53 cm – please see our sizing guide in the product description for more details on how to measure for your size.


  • The Genu Dynastab Ligament knee brace is a exceptionally high quality knee support and is recommended to use following a ligament knee injury to provide knee support and for the resumption of sporting activities following a mild, moderate or severe knee injury.
  • Staggered straps to hold the knee brace in the correct position on the leg.
  • Includes removable bi-axial hinges on the side of each knee for extra support – these can be removed during the rehabilitation process when less support is required.
  • Silicone coated treads at featured at the top of the knee brace for opimum hold on the leg and comfort whilst worn.
  • A Silicone patellar insert around the kneecap provides additional support for the knee.
  • Available in 6 sizes for the best possible fit– please see our sizing guide below for more details on how to measure for your size.

Indications / Recommendations for Use:

  • Knee ligament injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • After knee surgery
  • Knee rehabilitation
  • Knee Sprains
  • Returning to sporting activities.
  • Knee injury prevention

How to measure / find your correct size:

Measure the circumference of the centre of your knee and choose from our sizing guide below:

Size 1 – 32 – 34 cm
Size 2 – 35 – 37 cm
Size 3 – 38 – 41 cm
Size 4 – 42 – 45 cm
Size 5 – 46 – 49 cm
Size 6 – 50 – 53 cm

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review