Ankle Bracing / Supports

Ankle braces are garments that are worn around the ankle to protect it or to provide support or immobilization (in some designs) and help to aid the healing process following an injury such as a sprained ankle.  An ankle brace or support works by supporting the natural action of the ankle ligaments, provide sensory and proprioceptive feedback to the user, warmth / heat and compression to the bones, joints and ligaments.  It has been shown in various studies that the risk of a sprained ankle and other injuries can be significantly reduced by wearing ankle supports or ankle braces, especially during sporting activities where the risk of an injury is higher.

We have a wide selection of ankle braces available to suit a variety of mild to moderate ankle injuries and other conditions such as arthritis.  Choose from a number of materials including neoprene, all are designed to allow limited ankle movement and mobility while conforming to the natural shape of the foot, providing support, warmth and compression.

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